PhD Program

students in CS lounge

A doctorate in computer science from the University of Illinois at Chicago prepares you for theoretical and practical work at the highest levels of the field. Here at UIC, you will find expert faculty mentors, computing resources to support your original investigations, and a full range of support as you define your unique contribution for the job market.

Whether you have an academic career in mind or envision working in an upper-level role in the corporate world, the UIC PhD program in computer science provides the foundation.

Choosing the right program for a PhD in computer science begins with finding the right mentors for your area of interest. We encourage both current and prospective students to explore our lab websites to delve deeply into the research that is currently going on in the UIC computer science department. We invite you to read our faculty profiles to see which of our scholars could provide guidance as you become a researcher in your own right.

The PhD in computer science at UIC is a rigorous program: in addition to extensive coursework, students complete a qualifier examination and preliminary exam before they finish and defend their dissertations. These experiences contribute to the quality of the education with which students emerge from UIC, setting the stage for research productivity that is backed by a broad knowledge of computer science and deep knowledge in your particular area of interest.

What have computer science PhD students at UIC studied in recent years? Our dissertations index will give you a sense of the range and caliber of doctoral research in the computer science department.