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Houshang Darabi

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


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Office: 2055 ERF


Room 1120 SEO 851 S. Morgan (M/C 152)

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Lab Location: 4209 SEL

Research Interests: Dr. Darabi’s main research interest is in Data Driven Decision Making (3DM) with applications in healthcare, education, safety, and business systems. Dr. Darabi’s research team focuses on both the theory and applications of 3DM. Data mining, process mining, machine learning, time series, and statistical learning are among various techniques used by Dr. Darabi’s team to build successful and applied decision making models. Dr Darabi’s team has expertise in all stages of 3DM research projects. The stages include 1- collecting, construction, and fusion of large electronic data repositories, 2- data cleansing, imputation, transformation, preprocessing, feature analysis, and visualization, 3- analysis, fact finding, hypothesis testing, and deriving multi-dimensional analytics of system performance, 4- developing and testing predictive models, and 5- constructing dynamic and robust decision making models that calculate the optimal decisions available to system stakeholders based on system’s future state predictions . Students graduating from Dr. Darabi’s research group are usually hired as Data Scientists, Statistical Analyst, Research Analyst, Decision Science Consultant, Operations Research Analyst, and Machine Learning Analyst in fortune 500 companies. For more details please visit our web site at


Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 2000

M.S., Industrial Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 1993

B.S., Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Technology & Science, 1990

Professional Memberships

IEEE, Senior Member

IIE, Senior Member