Tanya Berger-Wolf named a UIC Scholar of the Year

UIC Computer Science researcher Tanya Berger-Wolf is proving that computers can be an animal’s best friend. As a computational ecologist, she is developing techniques that can help us to better understand animal behavior and animal populations. One of her recent projects involves using images and videos uploaded to social media to develop more accurate wildlife population counts. It’s a whole new frontier.

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CS 377 Communication and Ethical Issues in Computing

Course snapshot: This course introduces students to the impact that computer science stands to have on global society—both positive and negative—and teaches students to effectively communicate their work in computing to the outside world. Ethical issues covered include privacy, intellectual property, and cybercrime; communication skills taught include visual argument development, delivery techniques, and other key elements of visual and verbal communication. Extensive computer use is required. (3 semester hours.)

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Vehicle Electronics and Systems Engineering is by far the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding student organization. From the bottom up, VESE is going to build an electric Society of Automotive Engineers car. Being able to be a part of such a project—on one of the most important subsystems, torque vectoring—is invaluable.

Krzysztof Gasienica-Bednarz  |  BS in Computer Science, Class of 2022

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