CS Minor


Computer Science (CS) department offers a minor in CS to students who wish to obtain basic proficiency of computing technology. No matter what your major, a minor in CS is can enhance your professional qualifications in an increasingly interdisciplinary job market in which computing plays a central role.

The minor can focus on elective courses that are of interest to you. Course options include Game Design, Database Systems, Software Design, Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Hardware Organization, and Graphics.

The computer science minor is available to current UIC undergraduates and requires 15 to 17 credit hours, excluding prerequisite courses. This minor is not available to majors in either Computer Engineering or Mathematical Computer Science.

Computer Science Minor Requirements


The first step is to take and complete the following prerequisites : CS 107*, CS 109, or CS 111. MATH 180 is an additional prerequisite.

After you complete the introductory courses, fill out an application in the College of Engineering office (SEO 123) to officially request the CS minor. At the time of the request, College of Engineering students must meet the 2.0/4.0 GPA requirement. A 2.5/4.0 GPA is required for all other colleges.

  • CS 141* (3 credit hours)
  • CS 151 (3 credit hours) or CS 201 (4 credit hours)
  • CS 211
  • CS 251
  • Plus one of the following electives (3 to 4 credit hours each): CS 261, CS 301, CS 341, CS 342, CS 401, or any other CS 400-level class for which prerequisites are met.

*Note: A student may substitute CS 107 for both CS 111 and CS 141, thus reducing the number of credit hours by 2. This substitution was designed for students in the College of Engineering.

For more information on the minor, visit the computer science department’s Student Affairs office in SEO 905 or email ugrad@cs.uic.edu.