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Computer science research at UIC—while extraordinarily diverse in its topics, methods, and areas of impact—is connected by the mission of using computing to improve quality of life. That endeavor may involve giving us all greater peace of mind online by improving the security of our personal data and communications. It might mean developing forms of artificial intelligence that collaborate with, rather than simply compete with, human beings. It includes finding new ways to use technology in classrooms to teach and learn, and novel expressions of data as compelling, useful visuals. In our department, methods of improving quality of life extend to animals, too, as our faculty work on computational methods to understand wild animal populations and ensure their future viability and health.

One of the concepts that attracts today’s undergraduates to computer science is the fact that computing is stitched into nearly everything we touch, see, and do on a daily basis. If you change computing, you change the world. That idea is what drives UIC computer science researchers, too. Our faculty design original investigations, pursue grants, and publish work widely with the goal of increasing our overall understanding and command of computing in our society today.

Other researchers in computer science, whether just starting their careers or highly accomplished in the field, are encouraged to join our community of scholars as colleagues or as external collaborators. Visit the pages in this section, which serve as a gateway to our featured research projects, labs, and ongoing seminar series, to learn more.

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