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Nov 25 2019

Anders Ynnerman

CS Distinguished Lecture Series

November 25, 2019

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


1043 ERF, Chicago, IL 60607

Presenter: Anders Ynnerman, Linkoping University, Sweden

Title: Visual Science Communication: From the Inside of Mummies to Planets, Stars, and Galaxies

Abstract: This talk will begin in the ongoing convergence of exploratory and explanatory visualization paradigms. Based on the general availability of processing power, access to data, and ever-improving visualization methods, explanatory visualization can be data driven and fully interactive. This leads to a paradigm shift in visual learning and communication, enabling a new generation of installations and demonstrations at public venues such as museums, and science centers. At the same time, explanatory methods can pave the path for new approaches to exploration and workflows for domain experts, and also improve internal team communication.

In this talk, the way the cycle from exploratory to explanatory visualization can be closed, leading to the notion of “exploranation." Exploranation fundamentally affects human learning and understanding of natural science and engineering and provides a new valuable context for our rapidly evolving society and the disruptive changes we are facing. In the talk the underlying technical aspects of rendering, interaction, and storytelling will be addressed,  and many examples and interactive demonstrations to illustrate the introduced concepts will be used. Direct volumetric rendering of high resolution and dynamic data from medical scanning modalities will show human anatomy and function, and specimens from collections at museums, such as mummies, insects, and flowers will be virtually dissected. Issues involved in visualization of the micro cosmos using novel visualization and interaction devices for molecular exploration as well as large scale immersive visualization on dome theaters will also be addressed. The talk will include a live demonstration of how the exploranation concept can be applied to space research and science communication in planetariums.

Speaker bio: Anders Ynnerman is the head of the Media and Information Technology division at the department of Science and Technology (ITN) at Linköping University, and is the director of the Norrköping Visualization Center C. His research focuses on developing fundamental concepts that find their application in real world solutions, and on science communication to both laymen and experts. His recent NASA-funded work on the OpenSpace platform has received large attention in both astrophysics and visualization research. A substantial part of Ynnerman’s research contribution lies in the medical domain, and his work on volume rendering and volumetric shading has led to commercialization efforts such as the medical visualization table used for teaching medical students, but also a public domain version used in museums. An example of such an installation is described in his 2016 article in Communications of the ACM, in which the mummy visualization table at the British Museum is featured. He is a fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, and the Eurographics Association. Ynnerman received the 2018 IEEE VGTC Technical Achievement Award, and the King of Sweden’s 2017 medal for contributions to medical image science. He is currently the chair of the Eurographics working group on Data Visualization and the chairman of the EuroVis steering committee.

Faculty Host: Liz Marai


Liz Marai

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Nov 19, 2019

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Nov 19, 2019