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Photo of Lan, Zhiling

Zhiling Lan


Department of Computer Science


Building & Room:

SEO 809


851 S. Morgan St (MC 154), Chicago IL 60607

Office Phone:



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Zhiling Lan joined Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois Chicago in August 2023.

She is also a Guest Research Faculty at Argonne National Laboratory.

She was Professor of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology between 2002 and 2023.

She leads the SPEAR Lab (Systems for Performance, Energy, and Resiliency).

Her personal website is here: 

Research Interests:

Parallel and distributed systems, high-performance computing

External Links:

Google Scholar


Selected Grants

DOE, Tachyon: Intelligent Multi-Scale Modeling of Distributed Resilient Infrastructure and Workflows for Data Intensive HEP Analyses, site PI at UIC

NSF, SHF: Small: Intelligent Management of Hybrid Workloads for Extreme Scale Computing, PI

DOE, Kronos: Enabling Long Timescale PDES Simulations via Multi-Resolution Methods, site PI at UIC

Selected Publications

PADS’23      E. Cruz, K. Brown, X. Wang, X. Xu, K. Shu, Z. Lan, R. Ross and C. Carothers, “Hybrid PDES Simulation of HPC Networks using Zombie Packets”[Best Short Paper Award]

SC’22     Y. Kang, X. Wang, and Z. Lan, “Mitigating Network Contention with Intelligent Routing”

Cluster’22      B. Li, M. Dearing, Y. Fan, B. Allcock, P. Rich, M. Papka, and Z. Lan, “MRSch: Multi-Resource Scheduling for HPC”.

IPDPS’21    Y. Fan, Z. Lan, P. Rich, W. Allcock, and M. Papka, “Hybrid Workload Scheduling on HPC Systems”.

HPDC’21     Y. Kang, X. Wang, and Z. Lan, “Q-adaptive: A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Based Routing on Dragonfly Network”

IPDPS’21     Y. Fan, Z. Lan, T. Childers, P. Rich, W. Allcock, and M. Papka, “Deep Reinforcement Agent for Scheduling in HPC”.

IPDPS’20    X. Wang, M. Mubarak, Y. Kang, R. Ross, and Z. Lan, “Union: An Automatic Workload Manager for Accelerating Network Simulation”.

HPDC’19     Y. Fan, Z. Lan, P. Rich, W. Allcock, M. Papka, B. Austin, and D. Paul, “Scheduling Beyond CPUs for HPC”.

SC’16.    X. Yang, J. Jenkins, M. Mubarak, R. Ross, and Z. Lan, “Watch Out for the Bully! Job Interference Study on Dragonfly Network”.

SC’16     S. Wallace, X. Yang, V. Vishwanath, W. Allcock, S. Coghlan, M. Papka, and Z. Lan, “A Data Driven Scheduling Approach for Power Management on HPC Systems”.

Service to Community

Technical Program Committee (TPC): SC'14, Cluster'15, HPDC'15, HPDC'16, Cluster'16, CCGrid'17, SSDBM'17, HPCC'17, JSSPP'15-'23, SC'17, Cluster'17, CCGrid'18, ICPP'18, Cluster'18, SC'18, CCGrid'19, SC'19, ACM PADS'19, PADS'20, IISWC'20, DDDAS'23, Cluster'20-'23, ICPP'21,CCGrid'21,FTXS'21-'23, IPDPS'21-'23, ICDCS'22-'23, SC'21-'23

IPDPS'20 System Software Vice Chair, IEEE/ACM SC'11 System Software Chair, ACM ICS'17 Financial Chair, GCASR'17 Co-Chair, IEEE Cluster TPC Track Chair (Architecture,Networks/Communications, and Management)

Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), 2014-2018.


Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Northwestern University, 2002