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Thesis Option

student working independently in the computer science lounge

The thesis option is designed for MS in Computer Science students who are interested in conducting research. This option is strongly advised if you may be interested in pursuing a PhD in the future.

Researching and writing a master’s thesis is an academically intensive process that takes the place of 8 credits of traditional coursework. Students work with a faculty advisor to choose a topic of interest, engage in high-level study of that topic, and develop a paper that is suitable for presentation at a conference or submission to a journal.

The thesis experience provides definition to your master’s degree experience and can bolster your application for jobs or doctoral-level study by demonstrating your capabilities.

Master’s thesis students in computer science at UIC have recently studied:

  • Reliability Issues among Android Components: Analysis, Testing and Solutions
  • Ensuring Privacy in Legacy Web Applications through Multiple Relations Views
  • MY-AIR Project: Study on Semantic Location and Activity Recognition Algorithms for iOS Systems
  • Detection of Suspicious Users Posting Claims about Cancer on Twitter
  • Exploring Deep Learning Techniques for Real-time Graphics