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Registration restrictions: Current grad students

The Policy

We have a very strict registration policy for all CS graduate students.  Graduate students may not register for more than 3 CS didactic classes (i.e., CS 400-494 and CS 500-594 classes) – 12 credit hours (9 if registering for CS 491-Seminar).

Check your registration to ensure you meet the restrictions on registration of CS classes.

Enforcement of the Policy

In that current semester, they can be removed from courses by the Department until their credit hours of didactic classes no longer exceeds the limit defined above. In the following semester an advising hold can be placed preventing registration, hold removed only after meeting with the DGS

What this means and how it will be implemented

  • The Department will do random checks on graduate student registration
  • Graduate students registered for over 3 graduate CS didactic classes (at anytime in the registration cycle) will be emailed with a warning that they are exceeding the limit and given ample time to correct their registration; or receive permission to stay in class by discussing this matter with the DGS or Santhi.  The deadline to correct registration will be significantly shorter as the semester begins.
  • Once the deadline is passed, if a student has not corrected their registration or received permission to stay – a hold will be placed on their account which prevents further registration of any kind (both add / drop)
  • The Department will then decide which classes to drop and send paperwork to Registration so that the Registration office can drop the class(es) from the student’s schedule
  • Any exemptions have to be cleared by the DGS or Santhi in the Student Affairs Office (905 SEO)


We expect this policy to benefit all students of 400 and 500 level courses by helping us to plan better and provide course offerings and seats that better meet all student needs.